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Help my friend vend at LeakyCon!


My friend makes AMAZING fandom jewelry and has been invited to vend at LeakyCon, but needs help raising the vendor fee. So you should help her out! Even if it’s just a few bucks. :) There’s only one perk up right now, but plans are in the works for more. 

Or check out her work at and get yourself something awesome. She also does custom pieces. :D

I’m broke because World Cup and still haven’t bought my plane ticket, but if you like pretty much any popular tumblr fandom, these people have rad stuff and you should buy it from her.  Do it.

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Hey, I just wanted to thank you for making this project (Operation Finding Home). This was my first year, and I have a chance to get into LeakyCon 2013 if I ace all my classes, and the rest will come from your ideas. It means a lot that people work really hard to get into this conference, because, let’s face it: It is very hard to pay for, especially with this economy. And you couldn’t have put it better: LeakyCon is like Hogwarts. So if anyone has any questions about LeakyCon or just wants to fangirl with me, message me. We can be friends. :)

It’s kind of awesome when people like when I post silly, wordy things.  It’s kind of awesome when those things matter to other people the same way they matter to me.  I love you all.

On a side note, my mother gave me a gift card she got from points on her credit card.  Since I am able to do Leaky through other means, I will be splitting this gift card, and $50 of that goes to getting as many of you closer to Leaky as possible.  If you’re selling things, let me know, and I will try to buy things off as many of you as possible.

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Quick/Easy/Cheap Crafts, or Help, I Can’t Make Things and Need to Raise Money for Leaky

Alright, I’ve seen some posts of people going “well, I would make an Etsy store to fundraise, but I can’t make things.

Here are some things that pretty much anyone can make, and that are also fairly quick and cheap to make:

Felt Tote:  Choose a solid color that’s basic, like black or grey, and embellish the bag with cut out felt pieces that you glue (with No-sew glue) or sew on.  This is not a difficult pattern, I promise.  You could do a series of fandom based bags with a small cutout of a house animal for Hogwarts houses or any number of other fandom-y things.  Felt by the yard tends to be super cheap and go on sale frequently at craft and fabric stores or online.  Pillows or blankets would also work with felt, as it’s cheap, easy to work with, and they’re basically just squares stuck together.

Decoupage: You can decoupage pretty much anything.  Find some items at a thrift or goodwill store and paint them a solid color, buy a bottle of modge podge and find some old comics or anything else paper really (careful of inkjet prints, as these might run).  Make pretty things. 

Candles or Soaps: Essentially, you just need to buy wax or soap base and scent oils and/or color, and then mix them and pour them into purchased molds or (for candles) found items like jars, vases, shells, etc.  Customize to fit whatever market you want.

There you go, guys.  Make things, profit.  See you at Leaky.

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Some quick ideas for those of you who need to raise money to go to Leaky:

Everyone can do something.  I promise you, there is something you can do to raise money.

-Make things, whatever type of things you want.  Jewelry, crocheted or knit items, hand sewn plushes, drawn bookmarks, painted or stenciled shirts, all of these things are fairly cheap to make and can be sold at reasonable prices to work out a pretty decent profit

-Sell things you already have: old books, old clothes, old board games or toys.  Chances are you have some stuff around that you don’t wear or use anymore.  If you have a lot of stuff, yardsale it.  If you have a few things or decent value, ebay or craigslist works too.

-Write or draw on commission: offer to write drabbles or full length stories or draw or sketch fandom-y or original things for small donations

-Have a bake sale in your area.  Everyone likes baked goods and they’re cheap to make.

-Host a poetry slam or acoustic performance of songs you’ve written.  You might be able to get a room for free or cheap at a church, library, bookstore, or other location in your community.  Charge a small admission fee.

-Offer a class on a skill you have, teach people to cook, write, crochet, whatever. Advertise with flyers or a small newspaper ad and charge a fee per student.  Find a free or cheap room as above.

-Host a car or pet wash in your community, wash cars or bathe, brush, and dry pets

-Put together themed gift baskets and organize a raffle where people can buy tickets to enter to win each basket.  

-Petsit, housesit, or babysit

-sell seasonal baked goods or run a gift-wrapping booth around holidays

-run a hotdog or lemonade stand outside of a local business (with permission)

-put together and sell care packages to be mailed to college students or get well or other packages for general use, sell the packages and offer to mail directly to the recipient. 

-Offer pet, baby, family, or other photoshoots.  Supply images on a disk directly to clients to easily manage costs.

-Host a pancake breakfast or spaghetti dinner in a town hall or rec center

-Offer to scan and retouch old photographs and supply them on a CD for a fee

-Make or buy pizza and sell it by the slice

-offer to mow or rake lawns or water plants for a daily or weekly fee

-host a bring your own supplies craftbook workshop where you help attendees to design pages and offer supply swaps between members for unused materials.

-Make and sell smoothies, snowcones, or sundaes on a hot day

-organize and internet class for adults to teach how to use popular websites, share photos online, etc, charge a small fee per student 

Simple savings things (that can add up):

-If you can, put any change you get from transactions during the day into a savings jar.  You’d be surprised how quickly this can add up.

-Get water instead of drinks when (if) you eat out (this can save around $2-3 per meal). 

Good Luck, potential Leaky-goers.

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Operation Finding Home

So, as someone who has attended Leakycon twice now, I absolutely know how much a strain the conference can be financially.  I do believe that everyone should get the chance to go to Leakycon.  A lot of us are working on saving up money for next year, even this long before the con.  Some people are putting together custom shops or offering to make items to fund-raise for Leaky.

In order to make these posts easier to find and reference, I propose a tag “Operation Finding Home”.  The name is inspired by the fact that for a lot of us, our first steps into Leakycon were like finally finding a home after all these years.  Leakycon is our Hogwarts.  

But I digress.  The point is that if we all use the Operation Finding Home tag when posting or reblogging Leaky fundraising efforts, this will make these posts way easier to find among all the general Leaky chatter.

Best wishes to all of you fundraising, and if I have any money to spare, I assure you that some of it will go your way.

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currently making bracelets to go towards the Help Get Kat Back to LeakyCon Fund. if I sold them at $5 each I would only need to sell between 20-40 to help pay for registration 

p.s. if you want to help message me and I could make you a custom one of pretty much anything(letters limited to 6 per bracelet anymore would cost extra)

Also buy cool bracelets from this person.  Seriously though, $5 is hella cheap for a handmade bracelet.

I will be tagging all further Leakycon fundraisery type posts with “Operation Finding Home”, so hit up that tag on my blog if you want to buy some things and also help people get to Leakycon.

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Please help me go to LeakyCon 2013!


I am a really poor college student that is overjoyed at the fact that LeakyCon is coming to Portland! However, I am also really poor, and I am making crafty things to raise money to get myself registered. Can you help me out? I would be extremely grateful. It would mean so much to me to have this opportunity. I make really really awesome things, and I am so flexible I can do just about anything, seriously. If you can’t buy anything, I would seriously just appreciate a reblog to all your followers.

My shop!

Buy things from this lovely lady.  Everyone should get a chance to go to Leaky.  I would buy things, but finances are pretty tight for me right now due to saving for my own Leaky trip.  Help a fellow Potterhead out.

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