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individualvoices-deactivated201 asked: My sister and I are hoping to attend Leaky this summer for the first time; outside of lodging and travel, what kind of budget range should I be looking at for expenses once we get to the conference?


So, budget for Leaky.  This can vary based on a lot of things.  You can keep expenses pretty low, or they can be fairly high.  You need to really think about what sorts of things you want and what’s feasible.

For me, I buy groceries when I get there where possible, and I eat mostly that food.  I’ll do peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch, maybe microwavable things for dinner, and healthy snacks throughout the day (granola bars, fruit cups, etc).  I pack food in my bag for the con during the day.  On about $50 of groceries, you can easily feed yourself pretty much exclusively with that during the con.

However, you’re probably going to want to eat at a restaurant for dinner some days or grab food at the convention center, get a soda or butterbeer during the day, etc.  For those instances, I recommend having about $20 per day.  Bringing a water bottle to refill helps cut down on beverage costs for long days, and you can bring drink mixes in individual serving sizes if you’re not a fan of plain water.    Food at restaurants and in convention centers tends to be pretty pricey (think about the cost at a baseball game, county fair, or other events).

If you want to buy or can afford merchandise, think about how much you want to buy.  T-shirts are generally about $10-20 depending on the vendor, CDs from Wizard wrockers around $10, robes, ties, and sweaters can range about $50-100, and some specialty items can cost even more, such as jewelry or custom painted shoes.  Pick a daily merch budget and stick to it, whatever you decide on.  You don’t want to spend all your merch money up front and have none for an item you find later or overspend.

IN addition, this year will include the park if you choose to attend that.  The Universal Harry Potter online store will give you some idea of pricing and items available at the park.  Some of these items are hard to come by outside of the park or exclusive to the park, so be aware of whether you’ll be spending there as that can add up quickly.  Food and beverage for the evening may be included as part of the park event (it’s happened in years past that way), or you may need to eat beforehand or pay out of pocket for food and drinks in the park.

In the past, I’ve probably spent about an average of $300 (given three years of going) for the full four to five days of the con including modest merchandise purchases and some purchased foods and drinks.


Discussion of budgeting and at-con costs, for those of you planning your budgets and savings currently.

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A Note from Dani


Hey guys, sorry I’ve been a little absent for a bit.  College is trying to eat me. 

That said, I will be getting a What to Pack advice post up this evening at some point hopefully.

Tentative schedule for future posts:

Tonight – How to Pack

May 25th – Signing Etiquette

June 1st – Con Prep/Safety

June 8th – How to make friends/going alone

June 15th – Travel Tips

If anyone has other specific topics they’d like advice on, now would be the time to tell us.

So what do you want to know?

Reblogging the advice column again.  Anything you guys want to know?

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Leakycon panel updates:

So I got an email from the programming staff, and I have good news and bad news.  Bad news first to get it out of the way: the State of the Fandom panel is not happening, as far as I know.  I got no email pertaining to it but I did get an email about my other panel, so I’m assuming that it didn’t get accepted.  Don’t know why, but it is what it is.

On to the good news: I will be leading a “How do you Leakycon?” panel this year in Portland.  I’m planning to run it a little like the advice blog Q&A and a little like a college orientation minus the creepy vibe.  Basically, I and hopefully a few others who have gone in years past will be available to all of your firsties for a quick guide of what to expect followed by a Q&A and icebreakers of some sort to help everyone get to know each other.  It’ll be awesome.

If you’re interested in helping with the Q&A bit and have attended in years past (especially if you’ve volunteered in the past), message me and let me know.  I’m looking for like 2-3 people to help fill out the Q&A group for the more subjective questions and to cover all the bases.

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LeakyCon Portland: How Do You LeakyCon? a Q&A series by Dani: Part 6, Who's Who, Podcasters and Staff Edition


So, you might know what some Leaky People do, you might know what they look like, but there’s a good chance that you might not too. Even those of us who have been in the community for years have been known to miss some things (Melissa Anelli is blonde now and Jim Povolo cut off all of his hair,…

More advice blogging, this time a who’s who of podcasters.

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LeakyCon Portland: How Do You LeakyCon? a Q&A series by Dani: Part 4, Badges, Ribbons, and Registration


Hey guys, I’m back for more advice. Sorry for being a few days late, I try to shoot for Sundays, but here we are.

This week, I’ll be talking a little about some of the questions that come up regarding checking in at the con. We’ll be talking about the infamous badge ribbons, what exactly a badge…

More advice, this time with photo spam of registration materials for those interested.

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LeakyCon Portland: How Do You LeakyCon? a Q&A series by Dani: Part 3, The One with the Volunteering


Advice Dani is back, and this time we’re tackling Volunteering. Those of us that have gone before tend to talk a lot about it and talk about it in a tone that makes it sound like the best thing ever. Understandably, those of you who are new to the con probably find this praise a little confusing…

More Q&A for Leaky

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LeakyCon Portland: How Do You LeakyCon? a Q&A series by Dani: Part 2, What Should I Expect and What Might Surprise Me?


It’s your first time at the Con, you probably aren’t too sure of what to expect and how things are going to go. Reading the info as it’s released helps some, but you might be wondering what it’s like to actually be there. One thing I’d suggest is to browse the leakycon tags, because we often get…

I don’t think I’ve mentioned that I’m doing official Q&A over at the Leaky Portland blog as of yet.  If you’re going, feel free to check out the blog.

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LeakyCon Portland: How Do You LeakyCon? a Q&A series by Dani: Part 1, Where am I going to stay and how do I get there?


Hey guys, Dani here. If you’ve gone to Leaky in the past, you might know me. If you’ve been desperately seeking ino in the tags about things, you might know me. Basically, I try to help people out as much as possible in figuring things out for Leaky. I answer random questions at my personal blog a lot in my

I’ve started doing formal topic-based Q&A over at the Leaky Portland blog.  Feel free to check it out.  :)

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Since I’ve seen a lot of flights posts for Portland:

Some things everyone should know about booking flights.

  • flight prices will not start to drop until between 3 months and 6 weeks prior to the departure date.  According to consumer reports, 42 days prior to departure is when the cheapest tickets are generally bought.  
  • It’s cheapest to fly on a Wednesday, and that’ll get you there a day before the con, which will give you some time to rest
  • Fly very early, very late, or during or just after lunch and dinner for cheaper fares
  • Try checking prices mid afternoon (3pm) Tuesday or early in the morning any day to get tickets at limited time reduced rates
  • Southwest Airlines generally doesn’t show up on mega search sites like Kayak but is a budget airline, so check their website specifically.  Alaska Airlines also flies the Portland route.
  • Sign up for to get relevant updates on prices, since travel sites like kayak can send a good bit of junk among the discount reports
  • If you absolutely must book early, book with a site like Orbitz that offers a price guarantee so if your flight price does drop drastically, you can get the difference in price credited back.

    Happy travels, kids, and I’ll see you all in Portland.

    (Note that most of this should probably apply to flying to London as well) 

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