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So, littleLeakythings is happening.

I’ve only got a few people saying they want it for now, but I’m okay with doing something for a few of you.  I’ve got the url set up, and I’ll start out with making graphics for the “things” that I’ve already posted on my personal, and go from there.

Does anyone have any thought on how many posts per day you want?  I’ll be setting up a queue, so if you have a preference for time frame (EST) or amount of posts each day, let me know.

I’ll get the first few graphics made tonight after I finish up my class questions.

So, Input from you guys:

-Color scheme? (currently I’m planning on navy blue background with gold text, since those colors are associated with the Leakycon website and bags and such)
-Can anyone help me out with/make a simple layout for the blog?
-Number of posts per day and time frame you want to see posts during?

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